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A Day in the Life @ Teenage Works ...

At Teenage Works we don't do 'average days'.


But if we did it might go something like this ...


You're here on time. Great! 

Good morning!


Maybe you made your own way here, maybe our Teenage Works bus picked you up. Either way, you made it. One of our lovely staff team is preparing breakfast. Enjoy! 


Time for your first lesson. It's English.


Don't worry, you won't get stuck on anything for long. You won't get lost in a class of 30 pupils either!


At Teenage Works we keep our classes very small so you'll always have your voice heard and your teacher will always be able to help if you need it. 


No need to rush to your next lesson. We take a break between every lesson so you get time to relax and take in the things you've learned.

Next up, Maths. Our teachers are great at making sure every lesson is interactive and that you enjoy learning whilst fulfilling your potential.


Another quick break and then it's time for your Science lesson.


A wonderful way for you to round off a successful morning of learning and achievement with another fun, engaging and interactive lesson.


You're probably quite hungry by now.

It's a good thing we have a healthy school lunch ready for you then!

Once you've eaten, why not have a game of pool? Or Table Tennis? Or join your friends on the Nintendo Switch? Maybe play a board game? Or just chill out in our dedicated recreation rooms, it's up to you.


At Teenage Works, we do afternoons differently.


We have a range of exciting afternoon activities for you to choose from.


Check out all of our current options below and take a look at our gallery for examples of our pupils' fantastic work.

Special Effects Make Up

Cake Decorating

Minecraft Education

Mixed Martial Arts


Football (Manchester City in the Community)

Girls Fitness

Four-Legged Friends

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